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Zircon, normally a transparent beige coloured glassy mineral, finds its place in many an industrial application worldwide. Starting from ceramic tiles and refractories to a range of high-tech applications, Zircon compounds have a very low toxicity and are not perceived as a potential environmental hazard. They are even said to have some medicinal properties and are now increasingly preferred in the manufacture of food products and pharmaceuticals as well.

Our Industrial ’s zircon sand, otherwise OpaZr, is the unique product known for its higher whiteness and commendable durability.

Zircon plays a vital role in the production of ceramics. It fosters rigidity, whiteness and shape to the ceramic products with variety. Withstanding of heat by any ceramic product is determined by the quantity and quality of zircon in it.

Opazr’s melting point is around 2200 C which is essential for the manufacture of high-tech applications such as armour plating on military aircraft, heat shield in space shuttles and potentially as solid oxide fuel cells in hydrogen powered vehicles in many industrial and chemical applications. Not only these, but also in minor dental applications.


Zircon Applications

The Industrial zircon ceramics are extensively used as linings to protect furnaces and kilns for smelting of metals because they can retain their physical and chemical composition even when subjected to high temperatures. Zircon application is mainly confined to mould faces and cores, which directly come in contact with molten metal.

It is predominantly used as a glaze material and as an opacifier to provide brightness for crockery, sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, other decorative ceramic products and is also widely used in wiping and cleaning television and computer screens.

Zircon sand is a key raw material used in the production of opacifiers, glazes and frits, floor and decorative tiles, glass and steel refractories, metal castings and specialised glass. Consumption of zircon products in the manufacture of faceplates for TV monitors and computer screens continues to increase, particularly in developing countries. The increased use of zirconium chemicals and zirconia in various applications continues with China being in the forefront of new production facilities to service these industries. Recently announced construction of additional nuclear power stations in China and South Korea will create continued demand for zirconium metal in this very specialised market.

The major driving force in zircon demand is obvious in Europe and Asia where various consuming industries have expanded across the board, increasing the usage to the extent that global demand exceeds global production capacity.

Zircon Advantages

  • Lower contamination leads to higher zirconium content.
  • Easy grindability due to low hardness.
  • Modern equipments contribute to the finer process and eventually the quality of the product is consistent.
  • The process of Solar drying and Electric heating makes our product free from chemical contamination.
  • Uniform sizing reduces grinding time: in turn it saves electricity.
  • Hi-tech machines are in use for tamper-proof packing.
  • Low TiO2 content and low dust level increases higher whiteness to our product.

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