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Our conspicuous brand – Garnet – is a non – metallic naturally obtainable mineral abrasive mined from the beaches of the Gulf of Mannar. The grains have a unique curved cubical form as a result of hundreds of years under wave action. During mining and processing there is no grinding or breaking of particles. Hence, Garnet is a genuine virgin almandine garnet belonging to the gem family. Almandine garnet is the heaviest and hardest of garnets, and can withstand more cutting speed and maintain low dust levels. With its crystalline shape giving a fast cutting action and longer life span, Garnet is highly efficient and effective as an abrasive.

Our Product is of the highest quality and is compliant to ISO 11126-10 Standard and SSPC AB-1. Added to its natural value as a semi- precious stone, Garnet’s uniqueness justifies the title “Gem of an Abrasive”.

Garnet Grade

We have three grades of Garnets

  • Grade A – MESH 30/60
  • Grade B – MESH 80
  • Grade C – MESH 120

Garnet Applications

Sand Blasting : In the process of surface preparation, Garnet is blasted on to the surface of the steel with the use of high pressure compressed air. This process creates a profile, which in turn helps in extending the life of the coating. Garnet is the prescribed abrasive for oil companies, petrochemical tankworks, offshore platforms, pipelines, heavy equipment repair, industrial parts cleaning and ship building companies.

Water Jet Cutting : It is one of the latest and fast growing cutting technologies employed by steel companies to cut metals accurately and precisely. Owing to its faster productivity, non-heat generating advantages and lower cost, it is popular in the USA and Europe. Garnet is the only abrasive that can be used in waterjet cutting machines, widely used in cutting of marble, granite, artificial stones, concrete, aluminum, titanium, high strength steel and steel bridge decking, automotive glass, textiles, corrugated box board, plastic laminates, aerospace composites, etc.,

Water Filtration : Because of its unique grain structure, our product is also used as a filtering media in water treatment facilities.

Other Applications

  • For stone washing of denim fabrics, Garnet provides only fading of dye without damaging the cloth or stitching.
  • Used in Industrial Flooring for its anti-skid properties.
  • Micronised form of Garnet is used for polishing glass face plates of televisions, computer monitors and optical glasses. Polishing and Precision Finishing of high pressure valves and for artistic engraving or matting of surfaces such as glass, marble, granite, etc.
  • Also, it is used in high-quality coated and bonded abrasives such as abrasive papers, clothes, wheels, etc.,

Garnet also finds wide-ranging applications in several industries which has a preferential acceptance.

Garnet Advantages

1. Lower contaminants :

Garnet is preferred worldwide owing to its 99% purity in terms of mineralogical content. Silica and ilmenite are the two other commonly found contaminants in the garnet. Higher % of free silica can cause silicosis hazard and also have impact on the performance of the blasting or cutting operation. This will also result in higher consumption. That is exactly why we give utmost importance to make sure our customers get the best value for their money by strictly adhering to 99% purity levels.

2. Higher Hardness and Lower Breakability :

Owing to the rounded curved points, Garnet does not break and retains faster cutting efficiency. This almandine variety of garnet is hardest in nature and creates a much better profile when used.

3. Lower salinity :

Salinity in the grains defiles the coating at the time of surface preparation and thereby the coating becomes failure due to rust formation. Low salinity achieved due to fresh water wash is an added advantage of our product. We are the only company to have a dedicated fresh water washing facility among all the other garnet producers in the world.

4. Scientifically arrived grades and sizes :

Usage of sophisticated equipments like Rotex, Minox helps maintain the grades and sizes of Garnet. These specialised screening equipments produce a narrow size range which maximises productivity and lowers abrasive consumption. Our R&D department works closely with our distributors and end users to constantly update the size specifications.

5. Moisture free :

Moisture is a sworn enemy affecting free flowing especially in cold countries. We take great care in our process to pack the material strictly at ambient temperature and low humidity levels ensuring no free moisture is locked up inside the bag. Our dryers and coolers installed in the plants are also fine tuned to match our customer’s moisture requirements.

6. Recyclability :

Reusing our Garnet several times ensures less consumption and eventually covers more area per M.Tonne. This is made possible by Garnet’s higher hardness.

7. Low dust levels :

Dust in the abrasive can cloud the vision of the blaster and untidy the operational environment. Especially when blasting steel structures and bridges in a city, dust is not something you need in your garnet. Even in water jet cutting, dust produces muddy water resulting in choking of water recycling system. Our dedicated washing facility ensures our product is absolutely dust free. Thus, guaranteeing dust free product is the ultimate aim of Sara Industrial as per the SSPC and ISO standards.

8. Automated packing facility :

It is an appealing modus operandi and results in visually appealing and even shaped bags which is easy to stack and handle with minimal collapses and damages.

Packing Availability

  • 1 Ton Jumbo Bags
  • 25Kg Bags

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